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How to Get a Testimonial

Author: Rick Frishman   |   March 22nd, 2010

Get in the habit of asking every client or customer for letters of praise.

-Ask them to state how great your work was and how much they enjoyed working with you. You’ll be surprised how highly they extol you and how wonderfully they express it.
-Ask for endorsements during the first thirty to sixty days or as soon as short-term projects are complete.
-Have your clients/customers write their testimonials on their letterhead and limit them to one or two paragraphs. testimonials
-Explain to clients/customers that you plan to post the testimonials on your newsletter, blog, and Web site, and use them in promotional materials.
-Point out to your clients/customers that the testimonials could help them by increasing their visibility.
-Offer to prepare drafts for their approval if clients hesitate to write them themselves.

When you begin receiving testimonials, update your web site regularly to add recent praise and delete that which is dated. However, you may want to continue to run a few older testimonials because they attest that you’ve got a long track record delivering customer satisfaction.


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