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How to Cash In On Your Articles

Author: Jennifer Benson   |   October 24th, 2011

If you’ve ever started your car search online, you know how troubling it can be.

So when it comes time to finally treat yourself to a new car, you’re not sure if you should start looking online or just stop by a few dealerships…

Article marketing is effective because it allows you an opportunity to share some information about your company in a non-threatening way. What this means is that an article is not the same thing as a sales letter so it’s, of course, met with a different perspective.

For example, someone who is reading a sales letter is going to be way more apprehensive then a person who’s just browsing for information.

Let’s look at the car lot for example. When you step onto the car lot, of course you know that someone is going to try to sell you a car. Now, you’re on high alert. Your guard is up.

But, if you’re online looking at information on your dream car, your guard is down because you’re just looking for information in a casual setting.

As you begin to find the information you are looking for you may be asked to put your information in to receive a call from a salesman. But you’ll be much more likely to do this because your guard has been brought down and now, you’re interested in finding out more information about this car.

See how that works? It is very similar with article marketing. You take a look at the article because the information that’s in the article is something that you were looking for. You have read through the information and at the end of the article there is a link for additional information. Now you will click on this link and chances are it will direct you to a sales page but since your guard is down you will be more open to receiving the information that’s on the sales page.

The person who posted the article has just increased the likelihood of you becoming a customer.

Article marketing is highly effective at driving targeted traffic to your website when done the right way.

It is effective because the person who is reviewing the information no longer feels on guard and will more readily and actively seek more information on the topic, product or subject matter.

It is for this reason as well as others that article marketing is an effective strategy that if used well can produce favorable results.

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