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The Secret to Standing out from the Competition and Stealing their Customers

By Jennifer Benson   |   December 12, 2011

No one knows you from a hole in the wall. Sure, you can always use some connections, but growing your business is still a long slippery slope.

Not too long ago I was in the same boat. I just had a bunch of information that wasn’t particularly helpful to anyone. Then one day it hit me. And I realized that I knew something pretty valuable… Read More »

How to Cash In On Your Articles

By Jennifer Benson   |   October 24, 2011

If you’ve ever started your car search online, you know how troubling it can be.

So when it comes time to finally treat yourself to a new car, you’re not sure if you should start looking online or just stop by a few dealerships… Read More »

The #1 Way To Get More Traffic

By Jennifer Benson   |   October 17, 2011

Any good online business professional knows that there is more to obtaining a successful website than merely paying your domain fees.

If you want to have sales and you want to be in business for… Read More »

The Shortest and Most Costly Mistake Everyone Makes

By Jennifer Benson   |   October 10, 2011

By now, everyone has heard those Twitter success stories – those small businesses around the country (and globe!) who have hopped on Twitter and found the perfect way to reach their audience. It seems to come natural to them and whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it right.

But what about the people who aren’t having any luck at all? Surely they’re doing something different from those who are pulling in tons of customers and making lots more sales, right? Read More »

The Key To Outselling Your Competitors

By Jennifer Benson   |   October 5, 2011

Imagine you just obtained a business loan to open up your own storefront in a popular shopping center, prime real estate.

However, just two shops down is a business that’s been around for thirty years and they sell the same products you do.

How can you compete with a business that is established and whose products are identical to yours? Read More »