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The Marketing Cow Concept

Author: Tracy DeYoung   |   June 14th, 2012

Ever heard the saying, “Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?”

Surely you don’t want to make that mistake with your clients. You’re willing to provide some free tid-bits to your dedicated following and future customers, but how do you know what to provide?

And how much is too much? Easy Way To Build Your Small Business Marketing StrategyMy family are honest, hard-working farmers. Growing up on a dairy farm, I was constantly surrounded by dairy cows, beef cattle and a gazillion cats. I think the stink of a farm is the only smell that actually repulses me and makes me smile at the same time, reminding me of my grandparents and fond memories of my childhood.

Well, marketing your services is similar to operating a dairy farm. I call it my “Marketing Cow Concept.” It is a simple theory that helps keep me in line when it comes to deciding what information to give away and what to keep for paying clients.

Here are the three MOO-ves you need to know (really…how could I not say it like that?):

Marketing MOO-ve #1: Give information about what to do. Sell how to do it. Milking a cow looks easy, but if you’ve ever tried it, you know there is a technique. Don’t do it right and you will end up without milk, or worse, with a very ticked off cow. Same is true with marketing. You can give up basics on what to do, but don’t give away your technique or system. Reserve that for paying customers.

Marketing MOO-ve #2: Give solutions to small problems. Sell solutions to large problems. Provide tid-bits of information such as the importance of placing your hand on the cow to let it know you’re there so you don’t startle it. That way, if your client finds themselves being chased by a bull, you will be the one they call, providing their credit card information for billing as they are running across the pasture at Mach 10.

Marketing MOO-ve #3: Give the first couple of steps toward solving a problem. Sell the last few steps. If your cows keep getting loose, and ruining the neighbor’s yard I will gladly tell you that the first thing you need to do is return the cows to their pen. The second thing you will have to do is figure out where the cows escaped from. But, if you want more information such as fence repair and stopping this from happening again, that you will have to pay for.

Use these simple tactics to keep your marketing from becoming an udder failure. In no time at all you’ll be roping in new clients. And that ain’t no bull!

For more great marketing guides, visit I won’t steer you wrong. Sorry…can’t help myself.

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