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10 Ways to Strengthen your Small Business Network

Author: Colleen Kilpatrick   |   October 17th, 2010

As I mentioned in my October 4 post – How to Expand and Nurture Your Small Business Network – the secret to success, according to Jordan Adler, author of Beach Money, is to grow your business network and stay in touch with the people in it. Last time I gave you some tips about how to grow your small business network. Here are some great ideas for staying in touch.

Check-in with a phone call just to let someone know you’ve been thinking about them or you saw something that would interest them.

Staying_in_touch_to_strengthen_your_networkSend a “Thinking of You” card or a birthday card to let them know they’re on your mind.

Send a personalized thank-you note to show appreciation and get remembered. A note about notes from Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals: Thank you notes should be friendly, simple and brief without a hint of a sales pitch.

Send a card to compliment or congratulate for a promotion, an award, a great advertisement, a new menu, great service, etc.

(Check out SendOutCards, a tool that allows you to go online, select a card, type a message and click send. The company prints it, stamps it and sends it in the US mail.)

Schedule a short meeting at a coffee shop. Face-to-face meetings are an effective first step to get to know someone better. Send a card that says, “Let’s meet for coffee. I’ll buy.” Include a pre-paid gift card to a local coffee house in your greeting card.

Send an article you’ve written — a great way to develop trust and establish credibility.

Send an article you’ve read, with a brief note about why it made you think of your contact.

Send information about an exciting new find. When you come across a new product, service or business that you think is the cat’s meow, let your contacts know. Send along some information about your new find with a note about why you’re impressed.

Give a referral or make an introduction to another member of your network — then facilitate the connection between the two individuals with a phone call or email.

Remember to keep your contacts informed of all that’s new in your business including upcoming events, educational workshops and new offerings.

One Response to “10 Ways to Strengthen your Small Business Network”

  1. Terry Dunn Says:

    I like Colleen’s list; it’s a very personal way to build your business. So, perhaps I should be using some of them…


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