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7 Steps To Fix Your Online Marketing

Author: Charlie Cook   |   July 1st, 2012

Most websites are like a sieve, letting hot leads flow through and away to your competition. Find out the simple steps to take to fix it, so it realizes its potential and you do the same for your business.

Just use the 7 steps and watch as your phone starts to ring along with your cash register…
How To Fix Your Website and Your Online Marketing – To Increase Sales

1. Understand What A Website Does and Doesn’t Do
John, a commercial photographer, called from California with a question you may have asked yourself about your web site. John wanted to know why his site wasn’t bringing in more than a trickle of new business.  […]

2. Only Use This Software To Set Up Your Web site – No others will do!?
WordPress is great for small and medium businesses who want more control over their company website – and the ability to manage it by themselves, without having to resort to calling a web developer every time they want to add some new content. […]

3. Make Your Site Work Overtime Generating Interest and Traffic?
Social media tools like Twitter and Facebook (once primarily the venue of college students, but now a highly effective networking and marketing tool in its own right) are great for small business owners. […]

4. Don’t Be A Web Wallflower! Submit your Website Here ?
Don’t wait for the search engines to notice you’ve added new content or a blog to your web site. Use the links below to let each of the search engines know each time you update your web site. […]

5. Test These 3 Elements To Increase Leads
It’s awfully quiet…Nothing?… Really? Making money with your website by leaving your profits to chance is like buying a lottery ticket. You might win –anything is possible – but the odds are against you. […]

6. Stop Turning Off Prospects And Start Connecting With Them?
Wouldn’t you like to use your web site to convert more prospects to paying clients? Imagine your prospect, Tom is online looking for a particular product or service. He has found your web site either through a search engine or a link from an ad. […]

7. Get Free Traffic To Grow Your Business?
They say nothing in life is free. And while that may hold true for jewelry, cars and houses, it certainly doesn’t apply to website traffic! The beauty of the internet, lies in the fact that…the more your link is visible, the more traffic will be directed to your site. […]

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