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How To Attract Your Best Buyers

Author: Dan Sherman   |   February 22nd, 2012

Want to know where the decision makers are online, where the people with money are?

The answer is simple. They’re on LinkedIn, a network for professionals not everyone’s teenagers or retired parents. On LinkedIn you’ll find your best buyers but how do you connect with them? There are…so many features on LinkedIn, sometimes the best ones get over looked. Here are five best ways to build your business on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site.
Use these techniques to reach the 135 million professionals worldwide using LinkedIn for networking and finding new suppliers.

1. Use LinkedIn Ads
If used correctly, LinkedIn Ads can offer a low-cost alternative to traditional advertising. Because of the number of LinkedIn accounts, each with detailed profile information, LinkedIn Ads can specifically target your demographic by industry, geographic location, seniority, age, or by LinkedIn Group in a way few other channels can.

2. LinkedIn Recommendations
Your LinkedIn profile might look great, and you may have many connections, but in a crowded market what is going to make you stand out? How will potential clients and customers know to choose you above your competition?

The answer goes back to one of the basics of marketing: a positive recommendation by others is worth a hundred times what you will ever say about yourself. The secret to attracting great LinkedIn recommendations is to offer them yourself. Suppliers, clients or partners are far more likely to give you a positive recommendation if you offer one first.

3. LinkedIn Optimization for your profile
When people search for your industry or product, how are you going to come out on top? Just following the basics, such as making sure your profile is complete and accurate can help, but spending a bit of time on the keywords in the Headline, Current Job, Past Job, Summary and

Specialties sections is also important for driving traffic. You can also customize your URL to give your company’s name rather than a sequence of numbers, which can help search engines to find you.

4. Enrich your profile with LinkedIn applications
You’ve driven traffic to your LinkedIn page but what now? You’ve got so much more great information that will benefit your customers — so how are you going to tell them about it?

LinkedIn apps can help, giving you the ability to add your blog to your profile, upload presentations, add polls and your Amazon reading list, collaborate with document sharing, and many other ways of enriching your profile to help it stand out and offer new ways to engage.

5. Leverage LinkedIn Events
The LinkedIn events tool is a great way to easily search for relevant events (conferences, webinars, workshops, roundtables) where you can meet your peers.

LinkedIn search will display events related to your network connections as well as industry and geographic location, both past and present. Utilize this feature to extend your network face-to-face.


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