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7 Rock Solid Ways to Profit With Social Media

Author: Charlie Cook   |   June 3rd, 2012

The success of social media is based on one simple concept.

People like to be social. If you agree with that then the only question that remains is how to use social networks and social media marketing to help your business grow, to prosper…Social Media Marketing Tips To Grow Your BusinessFind out how to get started in 7 simple steps…

1. Find Out Whether Social Media Works Locally
“On behalf of myself and my partner Jim, we are wondering how social media works in a limited geographic area. As financial consultants we service a metropolitan area of approximately 175,000 to 250,000. […]

2. Power It Up With These Social Media Secrets
Are you on top of your Facebook status, tweeting like mad, working your email marketing and still not getting the results you want? […]

3. Use LinkedIn To Beat Your Competition
Sure you can connect with family on Facebook and reply to friends on Twitter. But there’s only one social network that allows you to connect with both friends and family, while also meeting prospects and potential clients. […]

4. Discover The Secret To Selling On Facebook
A friend of mine recently boasted to me about how many Facebook fans his local business has hundreds of fans. “How many of those fans live in your area?” I asked. […]

5. Grab These Must Have Facebook Apps For Small Business Marketing
In order to reap the maximum benefits of social media marketing, specifically Facebook, you need to be absolutely certain that your Page stands out. […]

And Use These Facebook Apps For Managing Your Small Business
If you’ve ever been to a Facebook page by a company you respect, only to be let down by a bland page with nothing but words and information, you know the danger of having a Facebook page with no interactive elements. The goal of social media marketing and Facebook in general, is to get comments, likes and get your information passed on. […]

6. Use Twitter To Market To Your Customers
I recently had a conversation with someone who was curious about Twitter. When I tried to explain it in further depth I didn’t have much trouble. But when I was asked who is on Twitter, I was stumped. […]

7. Discover How To Make Money On Twitter
It’s 9:30 in the morning and I’ve already had about five referral conversations, received two guest posts from my blog and agreed to be a guest columnist for a business blog.  Not a bad day as far as networking goes. […]





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