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The Secret To Making Money Off Of Crowds

By Kim Sheehan   |   November 30, 2010

The other day, I asked my Facebook friends for ideas on what to write about for this blog post. I received responses from six or seven people, but the last suggestion, from my friend Steve, made me smile and then made me think. His suggestion?

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10 Ways to Power Up Your Social Media Marketing

By Kim Sheehan   |   October 21, 2010

Are you on top of your Facebook status, tweeting like mad, working your email marketing and still not getting the results you want?

Here are some quick hints to make your readers and customers want to “follow you” everywhere. Read More »

Social Media Marketing: 10 Fresh Topics

By Kim Sheehan   |   October 7, 2010

Many small business people jump on word of mouth and the social media bandwagons only to experience a dead batter on the bandwagon pretty quickly.

The newsletters, tweets and status updates come fast and furious for a week or two and then either fizzle out or becoming highly repetitive. It is important to keep your messages fresh and interesting in order to increase your followers, keep them interested, and encourage them to tell others about your messages.

With that in mind, here are some jump starts for the dead battery on your bandwagon: ten terrific topics that you can use in most types of media. Read More »

8 Social Media Lessons From the Trenches

By Kim Sheehan   |   September 21, 2010

In my last post, I shared how I got my feet wet in building word of mouth and social marketing for a new book written by friend Lauren Kessler called My Teenage Werewolf, where she embeds in the life of an average American middle schooler—her daughter Lizzie. It’s “hilarious and insightful’ according to several reviewers, including me.).

Continuing my social media lessons from the trenches: Read More »

8 WOM and Social Media Lessons

By Kim Sheehan   |   September 7, 2010

I’m sure you’ve heard the adage “those who can’t , teach.” I hear it often…but that’s because I’m a professor and every so often, a feisty undergrad will quote this to me with a smug look on his or her face. Yes, I remember that at grading time. But I digress.

I worked in the advertising industry for over a dozen years, and while there are many areas that I feel completely comfortable teaching, I have to admit talking about word of mouth and social media occasionally makes me anxious. Read More »

Get Employees Involved In Word of Mouth

By Kim Sheehan   |   August 21, 2010

Managing a word of mouth campaign by yourself is challenging. It takes time, and it draws you away from other activities. For that reason, think about getting your employees involved in encouraging word of mouth, both in the store and, especially, online.

The key is to make sure employees understand their role in the WOM process. You should spend some time thinking about what that role should be. Good social marketers recognize is that it may be difficult to just turn employees loose to represent your company in the social media sphere without a clear understanding of the role of social media in the company. Read More »

Haven’t Thought (or Shot) a Video? Maybe You Should!

By Kim Sheehan   |   August 7, 2010

Youtube is hot: thousands of videos are uploaded and millions are viewed every day on the video channel. Do you think Youtube is only for bored junior high school kids? It’s not! Many small businesses are creating videos and uploading them to Youtube. Why?

I think it is a combination of the popularity of Youtube and the ease of  using Flip Cams and other small, point-and-shoot cameras. Today, videos don’t even need editing or fancy soundtracks to become popular.

Della Mendenhall, whose family owns the Indianapolis florist Gillespie Florist,  Read More »

When In Rome (or Milan)

By Kim Sheehan   |   July 21, 2010

I took a very quick trip last month to attend an academic conference in Milan. Milan is not usually on the top tourist lists, but I found it to be a great place to spend a few hectic days.  When I was not attending conference sessions, I was exploring Milan and shopping.  My shopping experiences in Milan were very different from my shopping experiences here…and in very good ways. Here are some:

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3 WOM Lessons From the FIFA World Cup

By Kim Sheehan   |   July 7, 2010

I admit it…I have World Cup fever. I am plopped on the sofa with a cup of coffee for the early morning (on the West Coast) games and have been spending lunch hour checking out the action.  I even googled the off sides rule so I could better understand it.  And the other day, I realized that the World Cup has important lessons for word of mouth advertising. Read More »

Social Media Cocktail Party

By Kim Sheehan   |   June 21, 2010

Social media, according to the business  owners I talk to, is like a big cocktail party. You enter a room and have all kinds of opportunities for communicating.  But just as you wouldn’t  go up to a group of people at a cocktail party and take over the conversation,  at the social media cocktail party you  just don’t barge into someone else’s conversation  and say, “Hey, come shop at my store.”

Conversations come from being both timely and topical: good social media cocktail party conversations are  fresh and connected with what other people are talking about. Like at any cocktail party, you don’t want to be seen as the bore who talks only about yourself. Your goal is fit your business into the conversations that are currently happening. Read More »