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The Secret To Getting Lifelong Customers (and Employees)

By Tom Borg   |   December 9, 2011

Have you ever bought a product expecting one thing, but instead received something totally different. The quality is off and it’s not at all what you’d imagined. Chances are, you’ll never do business with them again.

Whether it’s a refund, a guarantee or just a voice on the phone, hounding down a company (especially one you’ve never done business with before,) is far from fun… Read More »

How To Make Your Pie Grow Bigger

By Tom Borg   |   November 11, 2011

There is an analogy we use when we think about our marketplace, it is like a pie that can only get bigger.

In order for that to be true, we must be able to think differently. Many times we limit our opportunities to grow our business or organization by not looking outside of the perimeter of our present client base. Read More »

The Surefire Way To Get More Sales

By Tom Borg   |   October 22, 2011

During a recent session with a small business owner, I explained to him how important it is to sincerely complement his employees.

This person tended to not pay genuine compliments to his employees. Instead, he would… Read More »

How To Spark Productivity

By Tom Borg   |   October 6, 2011

I remember one company who had hired me to do some consulting had a problem with office gossip.

I noticed in particular how many employees would stop and chat with one particular secretary to exchange the latest company gossip. Read More »

Top Tips For Getting Your Business To Stand Out

By Tom Borg   |   September 14, 2011

Last week I attended a business meeting in St. John’s Seminary, a business retreat in Plymouth, MI.

As soon as I walked into the massive and beautiful foyer, I could see this facility was impressive.

All the details of elegance were present.  Read More »

The Fastest Way To Motivate Your Employees

By Tom Borg   |   September 1, 2011

I remember in one of my first jobs, the owner of the company I worked for started a weekly newsletter.

In this newsletter he made it a point to try to mention many of the employee’s names.

His theory, which was a good one, was that… Read More »

The Fastest Way To Kill Your Business

By Tom Borg   |   August 24, 2011

A while back, the Railroad industry was approached by the airline industry when it was in its’ infancy.

The airline execs wanted to team up with the railroad industries to launch their airlines.

They valued the experience and… Read More »

The Easiest Way To Profit From Negative Feedback

By Tom Borg   |   July 5, 2011

The other day I called a local charity organization to schedule a pickup of some of our household goods we wanted to donate.

The person I talked with was rude and condescending.  He used statements like, “If your TV gets wet we won’t take it!” and “If you want to know whether we will be there in the morning or afternoon you must call our office at 9 a.m.” Read More »

3 Instant Ways to Increase Sales

By Tom Borg   |   June 24, 2011

The other day I walked into a dollar store and quite frankly… I was disappointed. The place looked messy and the checkout clerk just didn’t seem to care.

After I left the store I vowed I would never go back and spend my money there again… Read More »

What Clydesdales Can Teach You About Customer Service

By Tom Borg   |   April 8, 2011

You’ve heard the saying before: There is no “I” in the word team. And as cliche as it may  be, there’s a certain amount of truth to it that keeps it relevant.

In other words, it takes more than one person to make a successful team. If your company or organization is going to be successful, it’s got to harness the power of a team effort.  When everyone works together… Read More »