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3 Instant Ways to Increase Sales

Author: Tom Borg   |   June 24th, 2011

The other day I walked into a dollar store and quite frankly… I was disappointed. The place looked messy and the checkout clerk just didn’t seem to care.

After I left the store I vowed I would never go back and spend my money there again…Every organization receives complaints. The key is turning a complaint into win-win situation.

Too often employees and managers take the customer’s complaint personally and get defensive. But wouldn’t it be much more productive if they took the complaint professionally and looked at the complaint as an opportunity to fix what went wrong? At least they they’d still stand a chance of keeping the customer and be able to improve their customer service plan?

The second reason is to take an action that would prevent that sort of problem from reoccurring in the future with other customers.

The first R in my formula stands for the word respect.  It is critical that you show respect to the customer.  You can do this by listening and letting the customer vent their feelings and frustration.

The longer you are able to listen, the better. Use cushion statements to ease the frustration level of the customer. A cushion statement is anything you say or do that shows the customer you empathize with their concern. Some examples would be: “You are right to feel concerned” or “That must be frustrating”.

The next R of better customer service stands for the word rapport. You can develop rapport with the person by sincerely apologizing for any trouble that was caused by the person who experienced the problem. One way you could say this is: “Mr. Jones, I want apologize for any trouble this has caused you”. Then thank them for bringing this concern to their attention.

The third R stands for resolve. Here is where you resolve the situation to the best of your ability. One question you could ask is: “What action would you like us to take?” Many times the complaining person’s idea of a resolution is much less than you would think. The key here is to take action and if possible, resolve the problem.

By following this three step process you will be able to use your customer’s complaints to strengthen and grow your business to be able to provide the best possible customer service.

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One Response to “3 Instant Ways to Increase Sales”

  1. Subhakar Rao Says:

    You are right Tom! Increasing Sales depends on how we treat our customers.

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