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The Most Overlooked Secret To Sales – Revealed

By Lee Smith   |   March 14, 2012

I hear it all the time from business owners I work with. They tell me they tried direct mail, or asking for referrals, or promotions – and they worked but then for whatever reason they didn’t try again.

Do you know the real “secret” to sales success?

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Small Business Marketing Budgets Too Small?

By Charlie Cook   |   February 29, 2012

While the majority (72%) of small business owners are starting to feel positive about the economy, and their future. There remains a big gap between aspirations and realty.

Most still lack the funds to capitalize on the turnaround, and only have around $2,000 to spend on marketing.


You’re Being Irrational And It’s Bad For Business…

By Charlie Cook   |   February 28, 2012

You’d think that CEOs and football coaches, both who get paid millions of dollars would consistently make decisions based on maximizing profits or, in the case of coaches, increasing points.


But you’d be wrong in both cases… Read More »

What My Newborn Taught Me About Marketing…

By Lee Smith   |   February 20, 2012

A few weeks ago, my daughter turned 6 months old.

Becoming a father is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. I truly love my daughter in a way I can’t explain.

Seeing her smile, hearing her giggle, and watching her practice rolling over is… Read More »

The Top 7 Marketing Lessons From Super Bowl Commercials

By Charlie Cook   |   February 12, 2012

I have to tell you the truth about the Super Bowl.

Often the commercials are more interesting than the game. After all companies spend more than $1 million to make them and $3.5 million to air them for 30 seconds. Which means they put… Read More »

Retargeting In 2012: Will You Annoy Your Past Customers?

By Amanda DiSilvestro   |   January 13, 2012

Don’t panic!

Hundreds of companies are entering the New Year realizing that many of their old customers did not renew their contracts. Whether you just began starting a small business or had a hectic 2011, it is likely that you’ve lost a few clients along the way. This typically sets business owners into a… Read More »

The Secret To Getting Lifelong Customers (and Employees)

By Tom Borg   |   December 9, 2011

Have you ever bought a product expecting one thing, but instead received something totally different. The quality is off and it’s not at all what you’d imagined. Chances are, you’ll never do business with them again.

Whether it’s a refund, a guarantee or just a voice on the phone, hounding down a company (especially one you’ve never done business with before,) is far from fun… Read More »

Is Your Marketing Blind?

By Eric Garner   |   December 7, 2011

What do most people who have been in business do? They copy what their competitors are doing or just do the same thing that previous business owners have do? The equivalent of the blind leading the blind.

To get your eyesight fixed and get your marketing on track you need to…. Read More »

How Coupons Can Kill Your Sales, And What You Can Do About It

By Lee Silverstein   |   November 30, 2011

Ever seen an ad for an air fare special for one price? But by the time you sign up and get to the small print, you realize that your fare isn’t nearly as cheap.

How often does this leave a bad taste in your mouth? Read More »

Are You Playing Chicken With Your Future

By Eric Garner   |   November 17, 2011

It’s a fact, men are chicken to ask for directions (well at least my dad was, when I was a kid).

And the result was, when I traveled, I’d get lost more often than not.

The question to ask yourself is, are you chicken in business and what… Read More »