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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Google+

Author: Ivana Taylor   |   July 5th, 2012

I like to call myself a “Google Girl”.

I use Chrome as my browser, Gmail for email and Google Docs for collaborating with my team. I’ve been on Google+ since the very beginning. But I should admit, I haven’t been focused on getting the most out of Google+.

Does your business have a presence on Google+? The newest social media platform may not be as widely used in social media as Facebook and Twitter. But it is growing and its potential is limitless.

In fact, the online tool currently has more than 90 million users and is growing every day, especially among businesses that realize how valuable a tool it is for marketing and driving website traffic.

Unlike other social media platforms, Google+ has been optimized for business since it began and it is easily integrated within your existing Twitter and Facebook structures. And just as businesses are embedding those social media icons into their webpages, the +1 button gives your business even greater exposure through the Google sphere.

Need more convincing? Ragan’s PR Daily provides five additional reasons why a presence on Google+ is a must.

1. Google+ pages are combed by Google. This may be the most important reason of all to use Google+. Any person or business with a Google+ presence automatically becomes part of Google’s search engine allowing potential customers to find your business easier and faster. This cannot be said for other social media platforms that are not indexed by Google.

2. Google+ is gaining momentum in the social media world. Sixty percent of Google+ users log in every day. Twitter users log on to Twitter 10% less. What’s even more encouraging is that 80% engage with Google+ on a weekly basis.

3. Google+ allows sharing of media to enhance the customer experience. Videos, photos, ebooks and reports are all examples of what can be shared through Google+. In turn, those items can be easily shared throughout the Google+ circles. With YouTube owned by Google, those two platforms work hand-in-hand for additional exposure on both social networks.

4. Google+ helps build community. The community forum aspect of Google+ allows consumers to be an active part of the businesses’ community. They are able to share experiences, which in turn, gives the business owner direct feedback about their products and customers. Google+ also offers built-in video chat; something other social networks do not.

5. Google+ gives your business access to other Google services. Integrating Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome and Gmail into Google+ pages allows for cross-platform marketing that gives businesses greater exposure online.

Are you ready to start Google+ for your business? Once your page is up and running, begin following customers and bring them into your Google circle. Don’t forget to add the +1 tool to your website and blog since +1 links tend to show up higher in Google search results. Beat your competition and get started with Google+ today.

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