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Customer Service

When In Rome (or Milan)

By Kim Sheehan   |   July 21, 2010

I took a very quick trip last month to attend an academic conference in Milan. Milan is not usually on the top tourist lists, but I found it to be a great place to spend a few hectic days.  When I was not attending conference sessions, I was exploring Milan and shopping.  My shopping experiences in Milan were very different from my shopping experiences here…and in very good ways. Here are some:

The stores I visited in Milan Read More »

7 Unbeatable Customer Service Tips

By Eric Garner   |   July 17, 2010

Here are 7 customer service tips that will help you stand out from the competition when it comes to servicing your customers.

1. Roll Out The Red Carpet For Everyone

If there is one thing people hate about poor service, it’s getting treated differently from others. It makes them feel inferior and second-class. Gary Richter says you should roll out the red carpet for everyone, but particularly those who don’t expect it. I tell my employees, if we roll out the red carpet for a billionaire, they won’t even notice. Read More »

Give Your Employees the Tools Needed to Serve the Customer

By Tom Borg   |   July 1, 2010

The president of a Bank in the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia, believes her bank is successful because of the way her employees treat the customers. She says, “My employees are specially trained to concentrate on what the customer needs.

The president made the point that she spends no money on costly advertising cam­paigns; she just concentrates on having her employees treat the customer the way the people like to be treated. Despite the fact that the bank has spent no money on advertising since its opening in 1985, 35% of its’ new customers have come to her as the result of referrals from her satisfied customer base. Read More »

Why You Should Talk To Your Customers

By Rocky Cipriano   |   June 25, 2010

Many small business owners think they know more about their product or service than anyone else. And while they certainly may, to truly find out about your business, the last person you want to talk to is yourself.

If you really want to gain real insight about your business, product, or service, there’s only one person to ask: the customer. Understanding why your customers buy from you will give you a solid understanding of your target market, and identify ancillary markets as well. Read More »

Get Your Head Out of the Electronic Sand

By Bob Oros   |   March 27, 2010

I just met the future CEO, President or a guy that is going to be the most amazing manager, sales manager or customer service manager you will ever know!

This guy has restored my faith in the younger generation who are accused of not being able to communicate.  They are told they don’t know how to interact because all they do is text each other. Read More »

Make Business Fun

By Tom Borg   |   March 15, 2010

One of my favorite places to go is my printer. Tony Grech and Paul Degrazia, co-owners of Grecko Printing in Plymouth, MI make it a point to create an upbeat and energetic atmosphere for their clients and their employees.

When you walk into their lobby, it is alive with activity, sound and eye popping color displays. Everything from the mascot, a live gecko by the name of “Grecko”, to their clients laughter that echoes throughout the building.  Tony, Paul and crew do their best to make it an enjoyable experience to do business with Grecko Printing. Read More »

Focus on Your Prospect’s Experience

By Dan DeGreef   |   March 6, 2010

As long as you follow this one tip, you will never make a mistake that will cost you your business.

Focus on the Lead’s Experience

Make it obvious that you are there for them. It is good to know that you are the best in the business and that you offer spectacular value, but if the customer does not feel you are out for their best interest, they will not care about the other things. Read More »

Why All Employees Should Have Their Own Business Cards

By Tom Borg   |   March 1, 2010

One of the best ways to help everyone in your company do a better job of serving your clients is to make sure they have their own business cards (not the kind they have to write their name on). What I mean by everyone, is everyone, from the owner to the managers, down to the front line employees.

A personal friend of mine who at the time was the vice-president of a construction company, (He now is the president of his own construction company) made it a point to order all of his truck drivers business cards. Read More »

Word of Mouth is Great – Except When It’s Not

By Kim Sheehan   |   February 7, 2010

We all love it when a customer raves about our business. But what about when customers don’t rave about our business…or when they have a bad experience? What happens if they talk about this bad experience?

This idea scares so many businesspeople that they won’t even start a word of mouth campaign. Losing control of the message is a disincentive for some. However, in recent conversations with a few great small businesspeople, some great tips on dealing with negative word of mouth have come to light. Read More »

The Optimist Who Is Also The Optometrist

By Tom Borg   |   February 1, 2010

Several years ago I was doing a talk for my local Kiwanis Club and met a most delightful individual by the name of Greg Ferman. He was courteous and upbeat and happened to be an optometrist. I mentioned to him that I was looking for a new optometrist since mine had unfortunately passed away. He gave me his business card and invited me to set up an appointment to come in for a checkup.

A few weeks later I made an appointment to see Dr. Ferman and was totally impressed by this man’s very helpful and pleasant staff and office ambiance. Read More »