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11 Tools To Make Your Online Advertising More Profitable

By Charlie Cook   |   January 10, 2011

Exposing your company through good old fashioned word-of-mouth works well for some businesses. Others, however, need that extra little oomph. So why not try online advertising to reach a broader audience. PPC and banner ads have made it extremely easy to reach your target audience and often times, you pay only when you get results.

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How Google Local Marketing Helped Me…

By Charlie Cook   |   December 16, 2010

It’s 1:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep. There’s this loud chewing noise coming from over my head and it’s keeping me awake.

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How to Use “Regret” to Make Your Advertising More Effective

By Mike Jezek   |   September 15, 2010

When it comes to making a buying decision, many people back off because they’re afraid they’ll regret it. After all, they’ve spent money on things before that didn’t live up to their promises. Now what if you could harness the power of regretting making a bad decision and turn it around for you? Here’s how you do it.

First off, keep in mind that many people have some regrets for making a decision that caused them to miss out on various opportunities, products or life experiences. In light of this, you want to bring those regrets to the surface in your marketing advertising communication. Read More »

How to Write a Killer Close For Your Advertising

By Mike Jezek   |   August 29, 2010

When it comes to direct sales, most people are too afraid to ask for the order. Consequently when Friday comes, their paycheck is small and they go home to skinny kids. You’ve got to be bold enough to ask for the order. In fact, you might be surprised by what you can get, just by asking for it!

The same principle applies in copywriting whenever you write a marketing communication. Most people write weak closes or they don’t even put one in their marketing! And then people wonder why their ads and sales letters didn’t pull! Read More »

How to Buy Newspaper Advertising at a Huge Discount

By Jeffrey Dobkin   |   August 19, 2010

Why would you ever pay list price for newspaper advertising space when most newspaper advertising rates are negotiable?  Some are highly negotiable.  Here are 5 ways to get better discount newspaper advertising rates.

1. Newspaper classified advertising.
If you are running a statewide classified newspaper advertising campaign there are state newspaper associations that offer great rates on almost all the papers in your state.  Discount newspaper advertising rates may be 30% – 50% – 70% off list, if you buy classified advertising through your state newspaper association.  Yes, they’re that much cheaper. Read More »

Nevermind the Strategy – Watch the Little Details

By Drayton Bird   |   July 27, 2010

Marketing is often compared to war, and there is much pretentious talk about strategy, conquests, territory and so forth.

That is one reason why I have spent years reading about great generals. IT has taught me a lot.

Many people think the Duke of Marlborough – an ancestor of Winston Churchill –  was England’s greatest ever general.

He was obsessed with minutiae. Before his greatest-ever victory, Blenheim, he made sure all his men had fresh boots and a meal of bread and soup. Read More »

How To Get A Higher Response From All Your Advertising

By John Anghelache   |   July 13, 2010

How do you create advertising that works? I’m talking about the kind of advertising that gets thousands of people to buy. Or take some kind of immediate action. Whatever that may be.

Imagine this: You run a profitable company and decide to hire two salespeople. Each is given a trial period of 90 days to put up or shut up. In due time, you notice a big difference between your new employees. Read More »

3 WOM Lessons From the FIFA World Cup

By Kim Sheehan   |   July 7, 2010

I admit it…I have World Cup fever. I am plopped on the sofa with a cup of coffee for the early morning (on the West Coast) games and have been spending lunch hour checking out the action.  I even googled the off sides rule so I could better understand it.  And the other day, I realized that the World Cup has important lessons for word of mouth advertising. Read More »

Tips for Formatting Your Ads So They Pull In More Leads & Sales

By Mike Jezek   |   May 15, 2010

How your ads, sales letters and landing pages look matter. In fact, despite how well written and thought out your copy may be, if it looks too hard to read, then no one will read it. The result? No sales or leads are generated and then the marketing piece is deemed a failure. Don’t let that happen to you. Here are a few tips for making your copywriting more compelling.

First, for print ads, especially half page or full-page print ads, you want your ad to look more like an article. Use the same font and formatting style. It’s been said, by doing this, it can boost your response by 500%. Read More »

3 Ways Anyone Can Generate Leads

By Charlie Cook   |   May 4, 2010

No matter what business you’re in, no matter what you sell, there are three ways you can attract more leads to grow your business.

BUY, BRIBE or BORROW. Read More »